Ideas for Your Next Pizza Party

pizzas-at-partyPizza Party for Adults

Many of us are on a budget when it comes to dining out at expensive restaurants.

As a result home dinner parties or taking turns with potlucks on a Friday or Saturday night is resurfacing once again.

A really great and fun way to breathe new life into that idea is by hosting a pizza party for adults where everyone can make and eat their own pizza pies.

Personal Invites

The best way to host an adult pizza making party is to send out invitations. If you need to be frugal, you can use your email for invitations. Make sure to let everyone know that you need them to bring certain pizza recipe ingredients.

Once everyone responds, ask each guest to volunteer or assign him or her specific ingredients. You can supply the dough and the wine for the pizza making party.

pizza-toppings-mushroomsPizza Topping Ingredients

When your guests arrive, have them place their ingredient containers or dishes on your kitchen table or a counter you’ve set up as the buffet/work area where pizza toppings will be assembled.

Have an area of the kitchen with small sections of dough ready to go. Using smaller sections of dough will make individual size pizzas and you will be able to fit more of those in your oven. These also take up less time to bake. (Place Pizza Stone, silicone baking mats or cookie sheets in the oven so pizzas don’t get stuck to the oven rack.)

If you have a neighbor or two attending the pizza party, ask if you could use their stove for baking extra pizzas that won’t fit in your oven.

While sipping wine and enjoying conversation, have your guests get creative decorating theirĀ  pizzas with everything from pineapple to anchovies. Olives, sliced red onion, red and yellow peppers, and mushrooms are favorite toppings. You can even lightly grill some chicken, cut it up the day of the party, and have your guests add that, as well.

wine-tasting-cocktailsWine and Drink Tasting

If your guests are the fun, creative type, you might want to consider having them make different types of cocktails to go with their pizza creations.

You may even want to consider serving different types of wines and have a wine tasting pizza party event.

Encourage your guests to try something new.

Do not make it about simple pizzas; try making a white sauce pizza with fresh ricotta cheese or a Margherita pizza, pizza with salad on top or pesto pizza. You can make miniature pizzas or flat bread pizzas, as well. Homemade pesto, fresh mozzarella, a variety of Italian cheeses and sauce variations, give your guests a pizza party to remember.

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